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Are you sick and tired of not knowing what to write, what pictures or video to use, who to target, and worst of all spending money on an ad that doesn’t bring any ROI? You’ve seen how effective social media ads can be for other companies but haven’t had success yourself? Your once successful ads aren’t performing as well as before? 

Sound familiar? 

Don't worry you are not alone.

Most companies think that the targeting of ads is the most important part in determining how successful it is BUT this is only 25% of the campaign.

The other (and most important) 75% of the campaign is the ad creative. A good creative makes your target audience stop scrolling and take action. It is also the most difficult. 

If you would like a quick, easy solution that doesn’t involve committing to a monthly contract, look no further.


Welcome to the Scary Good Ad Bar.

What Is The Scary Good Ad Bar?

Since 2016, we have run over $1,220,000 in Facebook ads. We are up to date on Facebook’s ever-changing advertising platform BEFORE these changes are released. How do we do this? We are privileged to have early access to all changes and updates that Facebook releases. 

What does this mean for you? We insure your customized ad creative will be designed within the most current Facebook advertising guidelines so it doesn’t get flagged or taken down while still captivating your audience.

You no longer have to worry about what visuals and content to put in your ads with the Scary Good Ad Bar, so why wait? Choose from our 3 different Facebook creatives below to get started.

Facebook Ad Copy

When was the last time you enjoyed writing your ad copy? You probably answered, “Never!”. 

We understand your frustration because it isn’t as easy as it may seem. 

Want to put some time back into your busy day instead? 

Ad copy is one of the many services we enjoy doing so click below to get started.

Facebook Ad Copy +
Image Design

An image is worth a thousand words. WRONG it is worth a whole lot more. With so many posts people scroll by in there news feed your ad image is worth a lot more. You only get 3.6 seconds to grab someones attention on Facebook and if your image doesn’t get them to stop scrolling then there goes more money down the drain.

Your Facebook ad image is the first thing a potential customer sees before deciding to read your ad. So if you don’t have an image that stands out and gets there attention then you are wasting your hard earned money on an ad no one is going to read.

Let us design you an image that will stand out and get people to stop scrolling and read your ad. We will not only create your image but write the ad copy to go with it so you have one cohesive ad.

Ever heard the saying: “An image is worth a thousand words”? We believe it is worth so much more. With millions of people on social media every day, your ad creative only has 3.6 seconds to captivate your audience. 

The pressure in creating an image AND copy to reach your audience may feel overwhelming, especially when it only has 3.6 seconds to make that impression.

Don’t worry! We are here to create a show-stopping image and impressionable copy that will put you at ease.  

Facebook Ad Copy +
60 Second Video

Would you like to increase your conversion rates up to 36% and lower your cost per click by 50%?

If you answered, “Yes”, then a Facebook video ad is your solution.

We have over 11 years working with videos, in addition to advertising and marketing, so we can guarantee your video ads will be professional, polished, and engaging. 

Let us help take the guesswork out of video ads. We will write, edit, and format a completely customized video that will increase your conversions.


Ad Copy

The esiest way to create an ad
is to have us do it for you.
$ 100 One-Time Fee
  • Ad copy that gets clicks
  • Copy & Paste into your account
  • 5 Revisions

Ad Copy + Image

The esiest way to create an ad
is to have us do it for you.
$ 275 One-Time Fee
  • Ad copy that gets clicks
  • Image that gets people to stop scrolling
  • Copy & Paste into your account
  • 5 Revisions

Ad Copy + 60 sec. Video

The esiest way to create an ad
is to have us do it for you.
$ 500 One-Time Fee
  • Ad copy that gets clicks
  • Video that gets people to stop scrolling
  • Video edited in multiple sizes
  • Copy & Paste into your account
  • 5 Revisions

Past Ad Creatives

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