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Strategic Consulting

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Video is something everyone need but is not always sure how to do it. Most people will tell you that you can just shoot a video on your phone and that is a good start but if you truly want to stand out and generate a better ROI you need a team that has the background, technical skills, and equipment to produce your video.

We’re excited to get to know you and your product or service. Please follow the steps below to get started.


We Must Believe

“To sell anything, you must first be sold.” Successful marketing is born of confidence in the team and the product or service being marketed. We only market products and services we believe make the world a better place.


You Must Be Serious

We know that every company is at a different stage and level. We have helped small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and everyone in between. If you are serious and in the position to invest in your company for rapid growth then lets talk.


We must be a good fit

When we believe in your product and know you are serious, then we want to make sure we can get along and trust each other. Life is too short too be in a bad relationship. We look at our relationship as a partnership not just another number.

Scary Good Consulting

Scary Good Business Growth Blueprint

$1,250 For 1 Hour or $5,000 For 4 Hours

Over the next hour we will be evaluating, auditing, and showing you exactly what tweaks you need to make in your business to see massive results.  

Scary Good Website Conversion Audit

$499 For 1 Hour

We will sit down with you and audit your website to help you understand WHY customers & clients aren’t buying from you. We will give you action sets and a full audit so you can start implementing changes and have your website making you more sales.

Scary Good Marketing Gradebook

$327 For 1 Hour

Thank you so much for getting the Marketing Gradebook! We know it is going to help you improve your marketing and advertising efforts. If you have made it to this booking page that means you are one of the few that are serious about improving your marketing and advertising efforts. Below pick the best date and time that works for your strategy session. All our sessions are over video. Make sure you fill out your gradebook before our meeting so we can jump right in. We will be creating a custom strategy for your company and exactly how to implement it. 

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