Businesses are being tested right now and only the strong and adaptable  will survive. 

We want to give you the best resources right now that are simple to use and can get you up and running online. The tools and software we are going to be talking about we have been using in our company. 

Online Payment - Store

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Thrivecart is how we handle all of our payments and sales in our business. This is one of the easiest but most powerful shopping carts we have ever used. This is one of our #1 one picks for software’s to use right now. 

You dont even need a website to start selling product which makes it great to start putting products online. The only payment provides they integrate with is Stripe and PayPal. You can get an account set up in just a few minutes and start collecting payments online. 

It has a full drag and drop editor and step by step product set up so even the tech challenge can use. Right now they have a onetime price of $690 for a Pro account or $495 for a standard account.

Click the button below to learn more and be taken to ThriveCart.

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Plug&Paid is very similar to ThriveCart but with fewer features but still a powerful tool that allows getting products up quickly.

This is a great option as well and does not require you to have a website to sell online. They offer a few more payment gateways you can use including Offline bank transfer, Strip, Bitpay, Instamojo, and PayPal. 

The pricing starts at $14.99 a month to $41.75 a month depending on what you need.

Click the button below to learn more and be taken to Plug&Paid.

Booking & Scheduling

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Book Like A Boss is hands down the best booking platform we have ever used. We have been using this platform scene day one of our agency back in 2016. This platform just works.

What we like best about the platform is it can be your website, sell your products and services, and integrates with so many platforms. 

There is just so much that it can do you just have to check it out. Pricing starts at $9 a month and goes up to $29 a month.

Click the button below to learn more and be taken to Book Like A Boss.

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Project Management

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Plutio we have also been using scene day one in our agency. It has everything you need to run your business expectantly now that everything is online. 

It allows you to see what everyone on your team is doing. You can have project boards, track time, message, share files, send proposals, invoices, and so much more.

This helps you and your team know what to do and keep your business running smoothly.

Pricing starts at $15 a month to $30 a month.

Click the button below to learn more and be taken to Plutio.

Live Video

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Eyeson is one of the newest systems we have been using in our agency and we have been enjoying using there video meetings. 

We use to Zoom and Zoom works well but one thing we like about Eyeson is we can create a meeting and share a link quickly and does not require the user to create an account. We found this really useful for some people.

There pricing starts at $9 a month up to $300 a month.

Click the button below to learn more and be taken to Plutio.

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