The Scary Good Choice For Your Business

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Extremely Transparent Disclaimer

When you hire a Scary Good Marketer please understand that we are expensive and the only currency we accept is money. We DO NOT work with companies that are Tobacco, Marijuana, Porn, MLMs, or any other businesses we chose.

 We only work with real businesses. 

Furthermore we put Happiness before money so if we think you or your business will be more trouble than what its worth we will simply Deny your application.

Lastly we make absolutely ZERO Promises, ZERO Guarantees, ZERO Refunds.

We decided to do this because when you started your business did you have a guarantee that it would be successful? No.


We also believe that the right choice is often the Scary choice.

Finally if you Love or Hate how Honest this disclaimer is I have one question for you.

Would you rather have?

1. A Company That Is Honest With You


2. A Company That Promises The World To You

If you chose #1 than fill out the application above.

If you chose #2 then Do Not fill out the application above and we will see your business in they Obituaries.